Our History

The Order of St Anne

 was founded in 1910 by Father Cecil Powell of the Society of St. John the Evangelist. However, in 1921 while changing trains in Chicago, two sisters met Fr. William Brewster Stoskopf the Rector at Ascension. He quickly convinced the sisters of the need for their ministry in Chicago and a house was then founded there. Mother Gabrielle was the first superior of the Chicago house. The sisters quickly took responsibility for teaching, altar work, visiting the sick, and preparing children for holy Communion. Baking and selling altar bread made the order self supporting. In 1932 the sisters began a small school for girls, which by 1952 had grown into a parochial school for the children of neighborhood families. Mother Mary Margaret served as the school’s first principal. The sisters have also been active in the Chicago north deanery of the ECW. Currently, the sisters minister to the Korin (Burmese) community in the Rogers Park neighborhood.

Original artwork designed and painted by the first superior Mother Ethelred.  c. 1930's