For Those Who Are Ill

Almighty god, father of all mercies, we thine unworthy servants come to you with humble and sorrowful hearts to beg your mercy as we are going through great turmoil and distress in our time. Lord we pray that let not your mercy punish us for our sins and transgressions. Lord we admit that the whole human race gone astray from you and living in a way that is not pleasing to you. Merciful lord we all are sinners and we have nothing to claim other than pleading for your mercy that is new in every morning. O’ our great god and savior Jesus Christ please forgive us for the sake of your incarnation, crucifixion and resurrection for us. Lord remember your church and enable it to be a shining light in the midst of darkness that we are going through at this time. We do have no one to turn and we have no service to attend and we are in tumult and sorrow. Lord, please help your church and your children to stand up as faithful witnesses for you in this dark world. Have mercy upon us lord and have mercy upon us and save us from this dangerous illness and take it away from this world. Lord we pray for all the people of this world because all are suffering from it and fear is all around us. Help us to stay calm and trust you, our lord and savior who promised that you will never forsake us. Lord our god we believe that you are with us and watching over us. We thank you for your faithfulness and protecting us and our loved ones under your everlasting arms. We pray in the name of blessed trinity father, son and holy spirit, one true god. Holy mother of god pray for us and the whole world. All saints of god of all the ages intercede for us. Amen.